Wealth & Leadership Summit

By E Howard Co. Professional Innovations (other events)

Saturday, November 21 2015 1:00 PM 4:00 PM

The Wealth & Leadership Summit is designed to help new & transitioning professionals of the Twin Cities survive and thrive professionally, personally and financially. Our presenters will engage young adults, professional and aspiring entrepreneurs on a number of topics. Among other things we cover the importance of financial planning, the power of entrepreneurship and the value of homeownership as well as how professional relationships can make or break your career path.

We will take a hard, long look at acquiring wealth and being a great leader. Key takeaways include insight on maximizing personal capacity, engaging powerful and influential networks and effectively managing finances.

We have built a summit that will be entertaining and informative. Our presenters will educate and offer a call to action to our attendees to get active and intentional in establishing strong careers and effectively developing sustainable wealth.

This event is open to anyone who wants to be inspired and learn about strategies on how to create wealth and lead effectively. We understand that the millennial generation includes college students and recent graduates as well as those who may be transitioning to a new career path – our program caters specifically to the needs of this audience.

E Howard Co. Professional Innovations